Wednesday, August 31, 2005

School Year

Hi all!

A big thanks to all of you LEGO fans who have made our corner of the web so welcome during these last few weeks. We have been doing all that we can to deserve the praise and the patronage that is coming our way, and we will try to continue this. However, school has started (yay!). Nate is going to collage, and I have just started in my second-to-last year of highschool, and in a new school too - one that has pretty intensive courses. So what this means is that we will not be able to update as often; we will just be to busy.

Thank you for bearing with us and understanding,

Dale S.

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Huw Millington said...

Good luck guys... there aren't many pages I bother to check daily, but yours is one. It saves having to trawl Brickshelf finding the wheat in all the bionicle chaff -- you do that for me!