Thursday, September 08, 2005

Amoskeag Motorized Fire Truck

Here is Count Blockula's turn-of-the-century fire truck. It has loads of nifty SNOT, and a few other unique techniques as well. Does anyone know what the ribbed piece that forms the upper part of the water tank is?


Anonymous said...

I think the part is


Mr. D said...

Yes, I believe it is.
Thank you, Jude!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Would you mind emailing how to build it to im Making a brickfilm (lego movie) about the triangle shirtwaist factory fire (march 25th 1911, a fire killed 146 at a new york city garment factory) and I need firetrucks like that! Thanks!

~Kinzcove Productions

Im also Kinzcove on youtube if you wish to contact me there.

Please send me a message if you decline or accept the offer. If possible I could rent it for 20-70 dollars that would be fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is Kinzcove again, I almost, lost this page because I forgot to add it to my favorites, please reply to my offer so I know whether you accept or decline