Thursday, December 29, 2005

Classic Car

KillerMoth26 gives us a genaric, and nearly completely SNOT, Classic Car.

Check it out!


Carbs said...

Hey there, creator of this MOC and the Victorian House here. I'm glad you appreciate my work! Anyway, this car isn't that new. I had to delete an image from the folder, which made it go under moderation again, which made it appear new. Until I buy the parts to build it in bricks, you can check out a brick-built version by "whoward69" by my design.

Thanks again!

Mr. D said...

Thank you for commenting! If you don't mind, what is your real name? It seems that we recognize a lot of your creations here and I would like be able to identify you by your real name in the future.

carbs said...

Tom Gion. My dad is named the same and runs a business so it could get confusing if you were to Google that name, though. Thanks again!

carbs said...

Sorry for the, uh, double post or what have you, but Nash from FBTB has done some great-looking renders of the car, if you care to see them.

And the full gallery again, when public: