Saturday, May 06, 2006


Yes. Bionicle parts do have their uses. And sometimes they can look wicked cool. Check out Gary McIntire's palm tree, which uses Bionicle Kraatas for fronds.

Special thanks to Linus Bohman, who came up with his own use for kraatas, for pointing this out to me!


Anonymous said...

Gary is a friggin' genius, and that's some nice palm tree action.

Gotta leave a link about other good Kraata uses, Jeff Ranjo built an Alien queen, specifically the toes.

If you'd like some more great Bionicle techniques, I'm sure I could find a massive number of links - Bionicle builders are highly underrated in their creativity. :)


darth_zamma said...

Yeah, I'm a fan of unusual techniques and your blog. I've come up with a few good ones my self check out my war bike at Sorry, I forgot how to make links in comments. Thanks!!

--Darth Zamma