Saturday, June 24, 2006

Berger Strikes Back -- Part 3

Recently master of brick-built beasts Micah Berger has posted a huge load of new creations, most of them already featured here at UBT.

It took me several viewing to spot all the great brick construction techniques used in Grotesque, not to mention the unique usage of parts. Check out the minifig wrenches as knees, Doc Ock claws, minifig hooked hands and revolvers as hands, and minifig hands as claws and ears on the face. Also note the pecular hip connection.

Next is an odd creature Micah calls Thumper. According to Micah, Thumper is a...wait for it...elephant-hippo-dog-gorilla-bunny monkey, or elehipogoribunkey. Uhm, right. Anyway, check out the plethora of parts used in Thumper: lever bases, turntable tops, minifig helmets, minifig flippers, and various droid parts.

The last creature for this edition is my favorite. The Ork is short, squat, and totally menacing. Check out that huge chin and teeth made out of minifig hands and minifig neck brackets. Also note the connection of the arms.

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