Monday, June 12, 2006

Berger Strikes Back!

The Master of Brick-Built-Beasties, Micah "The Green Knight" Berger, has recently displayed another motherlode of great creations, and every single one is a showcase of interesting building techniques and unique parts usuage.

First off is a crab. Note the connection between the minifig hands, skeleton arms and levers.

Next is an Ibixan. This ax-wielding creation uses minifig hands, levers, binoculars and various clips in ways I'm sure the original molders never intended.

Micah's third creation comes from the land of Narnia. Puddleglum the Marshwiggle uses the same technique as the crab for it's legs, but really stands out is the use of a pirate hook, minifig hand and two levers to make a hauntingly expressive face.

Dang, I've out of time, and Micah's still got a ton more critters. If you can't wait for my follow-up posts (I'll be gone all this week on vacation), check out Micah's thread on

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