Friday, June 23, 2006

It's been a good month for figures!

I was browsing fellow LEGO blogger Sean Mykael's BrickBrick today and I ran across this awesome figure feature in the sidebar. Flickrite stuartimmonen's Mighty Atom figure is impressively smooth (look at all those tiles) while still managing to be very posable. I'm having some trouble linking directly to pictures on Flickr (help!), so please just click the link above. Note the use of minifig wrenches as elbow hinges in the arms, and battle droid torsos in the legs.

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Lukas said...

For flickr, just right-click the image and then "Copy image location."

Nathan said...

When I do that, I get the link:

Empty_One said...

Normally, you would click on the link at the top of the picture, view all sizes. When you do, there is a static url for the size of picture you want to post.

This user has chosen to not make that available.

However, the 'blog this' button is active, so you can do it that way.

It works pretty well, with proper attribution, and a link back to the flickr page.

The only drawback, is each photo has to be a seperate blog post.