Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chick Brick

Go girl power! Megan Rothrock's recent batch of critter creations are colorful, creative and cartoony in a cool sort of way.

Urple the purple podragon uses a light blue and trans-purple X-pod container as a stomach.

Clickit-Nessie uses hair clips and Bionicle kraata as fins. I mean, Clickits hair clips? Awesomeness.

Finally, the Clickapillar's whole body is made up of X-pod lids, Bionicle claws and Clickits bits.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should see Megan's creations for real.. the dragons in motion.. it's a whole new world and no-one can imitate it because it is technically and artistically too advanced.
Megan's world is a world of wonders and technique and awe and fantasy...etc etc ... I love it :).
Megan, could you contact me? I misplaced your card somewhere in the chaos after Legoworld :S
Greetz Jenna