Saturday, September 09, 2006

Curved Roof

Each year Brickfest produces a roomfull of awesome new creations, and this year was no exception. It's going to take me a while to go through all of the pictures to pick out cool new parts usage and building techniques, but this house by Taylor Pluzak caught my eye:

That smooth, curved roof is created by building a wall of 1x2 bricks and bending it slightly. Because of the natural flex of LEGO bricks, the wall bends. The longer the wall, the bigger the curve. I wish I knew how the roof was attached, and how smoothly the walls meet up with the roof. Special thanks to Bill Ward for taking pictures of many cool creations at Brickfest, including this one.


Bill Ward said...

Thanks for the nice words about my pictures. Here's a link to the photo page on Flickr. You can see all my BrickFest photos here or just the highlights. I also posted about it on my blog.

As for how it's attached, I'm pretty sure it's just sitting on top. The holes in the roof for the chimneys seem to act as keys, or maybe some of the 1x2's are actually 2x2's or some other larger brick so that they can be anchored down. I'm gonna have to try using this...

TaylorP said...

Hello to all readers,

My last name is spelt PLUZAK, but that does not matter.

Thanks for the interest of my roof. It does line up pretty well with the bricks (walls), but one side of the supports(they are black pcs pointing out) I think tilts abit.

Other then that it just sits on top.

If you want to ask me question just email me at

Nathan said...

My deepest apollogies on my mistake, it has now been fixed. Thanks a lot for the information on the roofs. Also, I'm sorry on the lateness of my reply. I've neglected this blog because of increased workload at school.