Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back Again!

Hello to one and all! This blog was laid to rest almost a year ago because of all the time school was taking for both Nate and myself. However, been there, done that, graduated! Now I have time for my favorite hobby: LEGO! Which means I'll be blogging regularly again. I've got a few creations bookmarked, so look forward to new techniques coming your way very soon!

That's all for now,



C. Straaberg said...

Woohoo, hit it "Tiger", I have missed you.

BTW, feel free to look for cool MOC on the MOCshow as well as all the other sites you frequently visit.

Regards, Carsten - owner of MOCshow.

minifig said...


I was going to delete this feed from my feedreader it's been so inactive, but now I'm glad I didn't!

Anonymous said...

Kept you as a reference and never thought you would be back.
I miss the dude with the tire on his head, though :)

Mr. D said...

Thanks, guys! I'll bring the Tire Dude back as soon as I can. Right now my LEGOs are packed and ready for moving, but once we're moved and settled in, I'll make Tire Dude again, take some pictures, and incorporate him into the site design.

Alex said...

Looks like you're taking another year out. Still, the blog is still here, and looks like a great resource, finding some of the best MOCs and more importantly techniques out there.